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May 9, 2019


May 8, 2019

Today, an actress, an activist and recently designer Rosario Dawson, celebrates her birthday in connection with which we gathered 40 facts about this amazing beauty and charisma to a woman who played in such cult films as "Sin City" and "Grindhouse".

1. Dawson was born in New York, but her mother, singer and writer Isabel Celeste, is half Cuban by birth.

2. In early childhood, the actress starred in the cameo role of Sesame Streets.

3. "Found" Rosario at the age of 15 years old: the girl was sitting on the porch of her house when she was seen by the screenwriter of the scandalous picture "Children" (1995), which she was only planning to shoot at that time. This was the first work of a future star.

4. Being an ardent fan of comics, Dawson even released his series of books in this genre called Occult Crimes Taskforce .

5. In January 2009, Rosario was the host of the comedy show Saturday Night Live .

6 . She can be seen not only in movies, but also in clips – for example, in "Out of Control" The Chemical Brothers .

7. Dawson met with actor Jason Lewis for two years, whom we remember from the role of Jared "Smith" – blond beloved Samantha Jones from "Sex in the City" .

8. Rosario now meets with Senator Cory Booker .

9. In 2006, the actress was nominated in the category of "best kiss" (for the film "City of Sins").

10. Rosario loves Startrek so much that he even knows a few Kligon phrases.

11. For his white smile, the star thanks the antibacterial mouth rinse Listerine .

12. Her favorite sculptor is Auguste Rodin whose museum in Paris she visits every time she arrives in the city of love.

13. The actress is allergic to both cats and dogs.

14. Last year, the fashion brand Rosario received the prestigious award (and a grant of $ 80,000) from CFDA as the most promising eco-friendly brand.

15. This year, she became the face of natural cosmetics Burt's Bees .

16. By the way, the most favorite part of the work of an actress for Rosario is the opportunity to try on different images, playing with makeup and changing hairstyles.

17. She has been friends with Jessica Alba for many years.

18. Rosario loves to scuba dive and explore marine life.

19. Her favorite cocktail is vodka martini.

20. The actress was arrested in April 2016 after a rally organized by the movement Democracy Spring .

21. In addition to political activity, Dawson is a member of numerous charitable organizations, including Lower East Side Girls Club, Amnesty International, Voto Latino and Stay Close.org .

22. One of her most beloved actresses is Whoopi Goldberg.

23. The number one song in karaoke is Deee-Lite, “Groove Is in the Heart”.

24. Rosario loves to walk around the house naked and dance in the dark (but now in clothes).

25. On its side there is a mole in the shape of an inverted heart .

26. Next to her, Kanye is smiling as sincerely as possible.

27. She still keeps in touch with her colleagues in the film Death Proof 2007, and they even have a separate chat group.

28. The series that she is watching now is Sense8 .

29. The series, which is removed – "Virgin Jane" .

30. To relax at the end of a busy day, Rosario meditates.

31. Her favorite book is The Four Agreements Miguel Ruiz.

32. The most vivid impression of meeting with a celebrity is acquaintance with Boy George.

33. The actress has a half brother, Clay.

34 . She watches for food, but sometimes likes to break the rules and eat a hot dog or burger.

35. Rosario has a foster daughter – Lola Dawson, born in 2002, whom she calls "her greatest love and the most important inspiration."

36 . Her daughter still has no cell phone and social media accounts.

37 . Rosario lives in Los Angeles.

38 . If she had not become an actress, she would have gone to study at a marine biologist.

39 . She is not afraid of numbers in her passport and advises everyone to love and accept herself.

40 . On his fortieth anniversary, Rosario is planning a good fun!

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