A series of parties of the secular pop-up club of the French cognac house Rémy Martin was opened by Renata Litvinova and Konstantin Bogomolov | Events

September 28, 2018


27 September 2018

Yesterday in the Museum of Architecture. Shchusev a loud opening of a series of parties was held La ​​Maison Rémy Martin – a pop-up club, whose events traditionally became one of the most anticipated secular events of this fall .

The main characters of the discovery were Renata Litvinova and Konstantin Bogomolov . One of the most stylish and sought-after actresses of the theater and film / director / screenwriter / producer Renata Litvinova and author of the bright productions of the modern Russian theater Konstantin Bogomolo ] in, also combining several creative roles – director / actor / poet – met on a creative public-talk.

They talked about how they manage to combine several spheres of activity, told about creative plans and inspired guests La ​​Maison Rémy Martin to search for their own new talents. The same evening the premiere of a mini-film Rémy Martin the main character of which was Renata Litvinova . The film tells about the versatile role of the actress, inspired by the idea of ​​the campaign One Life / Live Them which encourages you to live several bright lives in one.

Stephen Ridley whose talents know no borders, and the history of the creative path is amazing: being a successful bank trader and businessman, Ridley threw everything, giving himself up to his true passion – music.

Stephen Ridley

The guests of the event were: Svetlana Bondarchuk
and Sergey Tabunov, Victoria Shelyagova, Polina Kitsenko, Victoria, Lisa and Maria Aminov, Andrey Artemov, Maria Perlich, Olga Samodumova, Taisia ​​Rumyantseva, Rita Mamun, Marousia Ilchenko, Margarita Pushkina, Vasily Akkerman, Evgenia Linovich, Isolda Ishkhanishvili, Milana Koroleva, Olga Rubets, Sergey Naumov, Yefim Ginzburg, Jan Yanovsky and Lena Feigin, Laura Jugelia, Elina Janibekyan, Ksenia Surkova, Artem and Julia Akimovs, Eva Vostroknutova, Oksana He, Maria Kolosova, Evgeny Zabolotny, Zhanna Le ins, Ivan Vasiliev
and others.

Renata Litvinova

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Konstantin Bogomolov

Alla Akperova

Andrey Artemov

Victoria Aminova

Victoria Shelyagova and Yevgeny Zabolotny

Evgenia Linovich

Isolde Ishkhanishvili

Irina Chaykovskaya

Laura Jugelia

Mamun Margarita

Margarita Pushkina

Maria Kolosova

Maria Perlich

Milana the Queen

Oksana He

Polina Kitsenko and Yefim Ginzburg

Rumyantseva Taisia ​​

Eva Vostroknutova

Ivan Vasilyev

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