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May 16, 2018


14 May 2018

We continue to rejoice that perhaps the most beautiful time in all senses of the word is ahead-the time for graduation, weddings and unforgettable summer parties, which, of course, we must shine.

With the help of the make-up artist Hope from the Salon Family Beauty Club we decided to "try on" two make-ups, each of which is perfect for any solemn occasion, and also found out some secrets that we will share with you.

Among the cosmetics that we used many of our regular pets, but there are new tools for us, which we tested with great pleasure.

Secret No. 1: We begin with the cleansing of the skin and use for this purpose micellar water Garnier, which, as we know, is used in completely different ways.

Thanks to the triple power of this almost indispensable beauty-agent, we clean, tone and moisturize the skin, perfectly preparing our face for further action.

Next, go to the secret number 2: to start the evening make-up is best not the tone, as we used to do in everyday life, and with the make-up of the eyes.

This has its practical value, because if the shadows or any other cosmetic products that you use will start to crumble – and they start, – then you can easily remove the excess with the help of the same micellar water, without affecting the tone.

Secret # 3: the question of any make-up is important, we will not be afraid of this word, the architecture of eyebrows, which, of course, you need to learn, because thanks to properly and beautifully designed eyebrows your face will look completely different.

Go to the make-up of the eyes and the secret number 4 is that for the solemn occasion it is best to choose a classic eye make-up with which you will feel comfortable and which, if necessary, you will not be so difficult to correct by your own forces .

Beauty experiments leave for thematic photo sessions and parties.

When the eye makeup is ready and everything superfluous and crumbling we have already removed, it's time to take up the tone that we recommend applying with a brush.

After applying a tone, you may want to add a little more brightness to your eyes – you should do it carefully.

The final touch is the application of mascara, and here it will be actual secret No. 5: no one knows better than yourself how to effectively paint your eyes with mascara, so do not hesitate to stop the make-up artist and take the mascara into your own hands. If necessary, the master will be able to correct the nuances for you.

If you plan to eat and drink a lot, but are afraid that you will regularly forget about what you need to tint your lips, we recommend the secret number 6 : paint your lips a little more active in color pencil – it will look no less spectacular, but more naturally.

In order for your makeup to literally "play", use hailer but remember that the main thing here is not to overdo it.

Enjoy an easy make-up that will effectively look at the photos and will be relevant in the morning and afternoon:

For evening make-up we decided to create a slightly more rich and bright make-up, which can be safely called classic: in feast, in the world, and even in a wedding.

We begin, as you have probably guessed from the cleansing of the skin with micellar water.

And again we start with eye makeup to avoid possible problems and save time.

To build the architecture of eyebrows, we use, among other things, a special mascara for eyebrows with an unusual brush: it not only helps to achieve the desired shade, but also reliably fixes the eyebrows – Secret No. 7 will be relevant for those whose Eyebrows all the time trying to "run away" in different directions.

In addition to the shadows, we also add padding, which is applied with the help of a brush.

When your eyes are ready, you can start applying the tone and this time we used Lait-Crème Сoncentré brand EMBRYOLISSE ]about which we want to tell a bit more: his in the 1950s was developed in France doctor-dermatologist, since the beauty industry has managed to add to the composition of creams gold, placenta, algae of all seas and caviar, only this cream, once registered on the shelves of models and make-up artists, has not surrendered its positions.

Of course, over 60 years its composition has been updated several times, but it is still effective and simple: shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, soy proteins. The whole formula is very simple, which excludes allergic reactions.

Ingredients of natural origin, fatty acids and vitamins, provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. It is intended to restore the hydrolipid layer of the skin, as well as stimulate the process of cell renewal, and thanks to the optimal combination of active ingredients, the milk-cream concentrate guarantees a continuous and lasting effect. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, and the complexion improves.

At the application stage it looks a bit strange, but the end result will certainly please not only the look but also the persistence of the make-up in general.

As for the lips, then the secret number 8: we started with a pencil over which shine was applied, giving the lips thus extra volume and expressiveness.

Such a make-up will be appropriate with a white shirt …

… and with an evening gown.

Be beautiful and shine this season is the brightest of all!

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