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April 6, 2018


05 April 2018

13,700,000 rubles were collected at the second Charity Ball after them. Mikhail Semyonovich Rudyak – in all the funds raised will be spent on the construction of a children's sports complex and the purchase of equipment for the homestead of the orphanage "Pokrov" in the village Nara, Kaluga region .

Triumph Hall gathered all the secular and business Moscow . Andrei Malakhov, Yulia Baranovskaya, Alexander Revva and Maria Melnikova well-known for the tremulous attitude not only of their children , but also to the destinies of those who had difficulties in life due to circumstances. In anticipation of the ball, the guests and organizers of the evening shared their attitude to charity, discussed how important it is to help good undertakings and important matters.

Margarita Rudyak and Nelly Kobzon

"Charity is one of the most important occupations of human life," says Margarita Rudyak – In Russia there have always been very developed charity traditions and I am very proud His son, who is trying to revive them. And, of course, I am proud of all who came here today in an effort to make their contribution to the noble cause. "

Yulia Baranovskaya

The presenter of the evening Yulia Baranovskaya believes that the more you give, the more you get: "Many thanks to all who came to the Charity Ball: I'm sure that if there is an opportunity to help it is necessary. I was glad to lead this evening, and agreed to this, even though today was the first small anniversary of my daughter – 10 years. And my baby understands that doing a good deed is very important, and we will celebrate the holiday a bit later. "

Maria Melnikova and Ernest Rudyak

The son opened the ball Mikhail Rudyak Ernest. He told that since 2008 the foundation has been helping orphans and sponsoring such institutions for children as social rehabilitation centers "Pokrov" and "Yauza" and thanked all those who could join this evening to the Charity Ball. And Mikhail Goreva read touching poems dedicated to the memory of Mikhail Rudyak .

Maria Melnikova: "As one of the ideological inspirers of this event, I wholeheartedly enjoy this project and thank Ernest Rudyak and his mother, Margarita Rudyak, for being able to be involved in this noble cause. I hope that by our example, we inspire people to sincerely and unselfishly help and support. "

Margarita and Julia Rudyak and Regina von Flemming

"Regen von Flemming, for the second time I have been working in the organizing committee of the Charity Ball and see how much good is done on the funds raised. "

Evelina Bledans

Founder of the charity fund "Love Syndrome" actress Evelina Bledans : "I am happy that charity is so active in our country, it's great that people are ready to share and help their neighbor. Very valuable is the desire to help those who are in a difficult situation. "

Anita Tsoi

After the brilliant performance of the charming Anita Tsoi an auction began. His presidents – Yulia Baranovskaya and Andrey Malakhov gambly encouraged guests to participate in the battle for lots and in many ways thanks to their art this year at the auction, a record amount was raised in 13,700,000 rubles.

The guests of the charity ball were: Alexander, Margarita, Ernest, Julia Rudyak and Alexander Rudyak (junior), Timati and Anastasia Reshetova, Djigan and Oksana Samoilova, Pasha and Hannah, Anita and Sergei Tsoy, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Alexander Revva, Yulia Baranovskaya, Andrey Malakhov and many others.

Artem Yunusov, Anastasia Reshetova, Timati and Ernest Rudyak

Iset Hajiyeva

Mikhail and Victoria Galustyan

Sofiko Shevardnadze

Maria Melnikova and Matvey Melnikov (ILO)

Oksana Samoilova and Gigan

Catherine Mtsituridze

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya

Marina Kim

DJ Smash with the companion

Catherine Odintsova

Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov

Katya Lel

Irina Chaykovskaya

Laura Jugelia

Angelica Agurbash

Olga and Constantin Andricopoulos

Egor Creed

Hannah and Pasha

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