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April 2, 2019


April 01, 2019

12 new shows, 3 of which are winners of the competition Global Talents with the support of glo . Graduates of Italian fashion universities VANTA and JING YU and the Berlin International University of Art in Fashion (Esmod Berlin International University Of Art For Fashion) as well as their debut collections presented their debut collections. brand GUIRAGOSSIAN (which is based in Switzerland). Designers presented men's clothing at MBFW Russia.

The second day of the trendy department store and lecture hall POP-UP SHOP . Lectures read designer brand KOROTAMBA Sergey Korotaev ( "From the idea to the brand"), platform development director of arround Andrey Molchanov talked about the use of augmented reality technology in fashion, and the trendsetter Mary Kay Elena Zhebrovskaya conducted a brow-make-up master class.


The company "Art Fashion" presented a joint display of the brand BOLERO and the salon of evening wear TO BE BRIDE . The shown collection consisted of two parts: in the first – dresses for little princesses, in the second – festive images for girls and women.

At the beginning of the show, quite young beauties in pink dresses with large bows came to the podium. For older girls, the designers showed other models – they were ivory, powdery, with complex draperies and tails of tulle. Also, many dresses were decorated with feathers at the neck and along the hem. The outfits for the grown-up princesses were no less interesting. Designers used a variety of fabrics and techniques – lace, sequins, corsets, abundant embroidery.

Te Amo Couture by Oskanovi

Designers of the brand Leila and Fatima Oskanovy in the new couture collection showed elegant and feminine evening ensembles that reflect the diversity of the company. The verified cut, beautiful textures, impeccable silhouettes, the most tender romantic images – fully correspond to the brand name Te Amo Couture by Oskanovi. On the podium showed classic images, including dresses in the floor and trouser suits. However, these images have been reworked by designers to emphasize the individuality of women: a regular jacket is decorated with a leopard pattern, and ornaments in the form of a branch with pearl buds come down from the head of the model on the dress. The Te Amo Couture by Oskanovi brand is associated with feminine and romantic dresses, tulle and chiffon. Presented outfits are decorated with glass beads, fringe and feathers, elements of hand embroidery.


The show of the Italian brand VANTA was held within the framework of the project GLOBAL TALENTS with the support of glo. The idea of ​​the brand is that all cultures, languages, religions and beliefs are equal before an environmental catastrophe that threatens humanity. The diversity and unity of social groups is reflected in a special quilting technique that is used to create each product. At the same time, the eco-friendly approach of the brand is expressed in the fact that the materials for the collection are remnants of fabric collected from Italian textile companies and usually to be disposed of. Thus, absolutely every thing of the brand is 100% unique design. On the one hand, the collection asserts individuality, and on the other hand, it reminds of the importance of an ethical approach to fashion. Models took to the podium without shoes, in white socks, as if confirming the designer’s intention to start from scratch. The collection looks quite mature. Due to the abundance of denim and oversized silhouettes, things look like work clothes. However, such unexpected methods as hyper-huge bags-shoppers or sports pants, thrown over the shoulders like a scarf, do not let the viewer get bored.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion Lab

Music from oriental fairy tales opened the defile of pupils Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev . Two high Italians in tuxedos from brocade came out of the shadows and drowned out the melody at the beginning with their voices and turned it into an operatic aria. None of the public understood the foreign words, but everyone felt that it was devoted to the philosophy of love from the vividly highlighted “amore” appeal – my favorite. When the serenade subsided, the attention was captured by the designers.


Brand LEN makes high-quality and beautiful clothes suitable for any wardrobe. Designs are created in line with world fashion trends, but with a unique reading.

Lena Ilyina —the young designer and founder of the brand LEN . Products that are presented in its online store are distinguished by unusual performance and practicality.

The show began with a short film, the heroine of which completed the working day, closed the laptop and went to the veranda. In the distance, the lights of the city flash, the heroine is going to have a nice evening. The collection presented comfortable trouser and skirt suits, transparent mesh dresses, blouses and semi-sports tops. The main silhouette of the collection was a classic elongated jacket, which at times looked like a tunic, then a short dress, then a part of a business suit. Models went to the podium with romantic ribbons in their hair. LEN presented both everyday kits in which you can go to work and feel the evening, and on different images for special occasions.


Italian designer Jing Wu was born in China but now develops her work in Milan . Like many of her foreign colleagues, she demonstrates her collection to the Moscow public for the first time. In a preliminary interview, the designer confessed that vice and virtue are fighting in her textile art. Even before the release of the first model, the harpsichord sounded, and the guests' imagination immediately drew a secular tea party in the pompous interior of the Victorian living room. Actively used the technique of layering. Petticoats did not agree to hide under the bottom and decided to show off in front of the whole world, replacing the top. The place of traditional footwear was occupied by clogs with mimic wrinkles on the metatarsal. The designer tells us that we are all not without sin, and the main seducer is clothing.


The general name of the collection, which was created by several young designers, "Inside Me" . The show began with a countdown video series – frames of clips, Soviet films set up viewers to view the collection. First on the podium ruled the ball neon, graphics, plastic and patent leather. The milestones of the show were divided by musical accompaniment: it was easy to understand that now the collection of the next designer will appear on the catwalk. In the collection from the Institute of Business and Design it is impossible to single out leading colors or styles: each designer interpreted the stated theme in his own way. There were embroidered beads and prints depicting screaming faces, accompanied by screamers, and very feminine things, such as a black dress-vest with an emphasis on floral print. Young designers were free in their manifestation – that is why the collection turned out to be very interesting, because each showed his own vision of the topic. In conclusion, they all defiled on the catwalk to loud applause, because some images could really become a new word in the Russian fashion.


The collection “Sunrise” is not only the symbol of the brand’s launch, but also the designation of the sunrise, which is read in the main colors of the collection: red, blue, peach – all this is associated with the rising sun. The abundance of accessories – from mono-eyed glasses with chains and caps with scarves to shoes in the style of “crox” with interesting fittings, logization “VANYA VANIN” complex styling of the show, sets that look like pajamas, headdresses resembling swimming hats, but with spikes, lace hoods that complement sports looks – this collection seems to have everything. For the outerwear presented in the collection, not only the fabrics, but also the lowered line of the shoulders, have become distinctive features. The designer also did not forget to pay tribute to the trends: he showed his view on sports style, interpreted it differently, created his own vision of modern trends, while not departing from the views of the majority. Show-stopper became a maxi-dress with a lot of logos, diluted with lace inserts.


A talented girl living at the moment in Schweizaria according to the expectations of the Moscow public, was supposed to create a real miracle with knitwear and merino wool sweaters, but she unpredictably moved her lyrical heroine to the tropics. With the first chords of music, the ghost of a stencil caftan Emilio Pucci appeared before the public, which he created especially for women who spend their leisure time on the Cote d'Azur. Brightness and interaction of bright colors were amazing at first sight. All the girls on the catwalk resembled a pagan goddess worshiped by tribes living in forests near the Equator. She sacrificed convenience and functionality, preferring flying dresses to the floor, the design on which resembled a butterfly wing enlarged in the telescope's glass. On fitting dresses cases and jumpsuits adorned cuts pointing to different ends of the world. In one of the evening dresses, ideal for a party on the beach, fancy folds outlined the silhouette of the pupa, perfectly emphasizing the model's chest. Gradually, the colors became unbearably bright as on the canvases of Fauvist artists. But in addition to a block of clothing designed for vacations on the ocean, blocks of office style were shown on the podium, where the interesting point was that, as usual, black lapels, on the contrary, became carriers of an abstract print. This partly negates the tradition and makes you believe that at any time of the year you will overtake the long-awaited summer. Gypsy belts with ringing coins and massive necklaces of crystals of shades of dense gemstones were chosen from the accessories.


The brand show started with the release of countless models in body-colored bodysuit. Despite the fact that the name of the collection is Body and it would seem that it should sing the body in all its manifestations, the models were not particularly different. The collection prevailed bodily light colors, classic cut, but it was not without interesting details. The models defiled to music with elements of real breath, this created a special atmosphere. On the podium there appeared downy bulky bags, monochrome images, dresses with a smell, a trench coat with a corrugated back, a fur coat made of eco-leather. Everything looked restrained, aesthetically and delicately – as if it resembled something, but it was still done in its own way. The show ended with the same performance that was at the beginning. The idea of ​​femininity, which lies in the DNA of the brand, was once again conveyed in a special way.

LES ’by Lesia Paramonova

Lesya Paramonova did not change herself by creating this collection: all the distinctive features of the brand were observed and reproduced perfectly. Stylization of the show is inspiring – the viewer is interested, because the models look authentic (sprigs as a complement to the hairstyle, plenty of sparkles in make-up, characteristic shoes with prints and colors). Author's prints make you think about fabulous motifs, about flower violence, or about the fertility of our land. The shades are mostly warm: brown, pink, khaki, gold. Instead of laces and ropes, there are huge beads and bells. Transparent capes and blouses create a feeling of lightness and lightness of the collection, however, as well as sundresses, coupled with the auditory design, it looks fascinating. I would like to consider this collection in detail: hand embroidery, tapestries, bows, threads – all of this was created with special love and care.


When the lights went out in the hall, the audience heard an imitation of a symphony Vivaldi "The Seasons" performed by a true gentleman in a white tuxedo. After the improvised orchestral concert, melodious words were spoken in French, saying “Do you dance with me, Mademoiselle?” . From the first seconds it became clear that the action is transferred to the capital of France – the birthplace of high fashion.

The creators of the brand MALINA FASHION create a fairy tale for every girl – it’s not for nothing that their evening dresses shine on the carpets, making it easier for the bodies of Russian and foreign stars. The outfits traveled through time, affecting the infantile Rococo era, the turbulent 20s, and finally settling into modernity. Fabrics that sparkle like a thousand stars remind us of taste Daisy Buchanan from the novel of Francis Scott Fitzgerald [19459010[189490] [in419491] [inthe19499010[in17949401] [FF9]. . Flowing red lipstick dresses are a direct reference to Hollywood glamor of the 30s. A metal dress in the style of rockabilly would not refuse to try on herself Carrie Bradshaw. All outfits corresponded to the white tie dress code, which prescribes indecent luxury vestments and the presence of precious jewelry. However, a jumpsuit in milk lace with golden lurex stood out among the rest of the sets, covering the owner with a veil of mystery and not fully revealing the whole truth about the power of the female body.

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