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April 5, 2019


April 3, 2019

The third day on the lower floor of the Manezh there is a fashionable department store and lecture hall POP-UP SHOP . Today's themes: CRM and Client Experience from the director for training and development of the brand Tiffany & Co Anna Pahomova 19199 [19199] "Brands of the designer and their legal basis" and "Taxation in the field of fashion design and contractual regulation of the work of employees in the organization" from legal specialists in the fashionable business Helena Grin and Anastasia Dorofeeva .

Foreign speakers' speeches: Rokaiya Ahmed Purna (Bangladesh, participant of the GLOBAL TALENTS project) – on the successful production of a fashion show and Jessith-imit94. (Senior Vice President, Industry Relations. Launchmetrics) – on the use of influenza marketing in social networks of a fashion brand. Trendsetter Mary Kay Lala Talyshanova held a master class on make-up with arrows.


RABBITHOLE is a modern conceptual Russian knitwear brand that creates limited collections for those who see the world in their own way and want to add brightness to everyday life.

In the images RABBITHOLE fashion is combined with modern art and socially significant ideas, and cheerful provocation and charisma become the main means of expressiveness that the heroes of the brand adopt – the brave rabbits, as well as the heroine of creative special projects RABBIT – CHIIT). ] – a rabbit named Diana .

In the best traditions of the manufactories, working with knitwear, the young Russian brand RABBITHOLE is a family business founded by two like-minded Ekaterina Tsareva and [194597714]and they [194597707]now. . At one point, the girls decided to try to work together. Karina suggested making several T-shirts with Katina's prints. The interest in working with prints served as an impetus for creating a brand. Gradually, the focus shifted to knitted items, because it is this form that allows you to create exclusive products from scratch.

The show of the new collection began with the release of the mascot – rabbit with the inscription Wonder Woman on the chest. Models went to the podium and circled in knitted suits. Even more surrealism created the colors of the collection – flashy pink and green neon. Things in principle can be worn not only to a party where you need to be noticed. Models presented comfortable sweaters, cardigans, as well as trouser and skirt suits with patterns in the style of the 80s.


Krishma Sabbarwal – a designer who, with her appearance, eloquently stated that her collection would be distinguished by maximum madness and brightness. Although all this illustrative decor – just a mask that she wore in childhood, when faced with a manifestation of racism in elementary school. Her clothes reflect the social, political and economic problems that have spread throughout the world.

The first exits are neon denim suits and baby-stretch fabrics that draw attention to themselves through the print. The choice of colors is not accidental, the designer uses recycled materials, which bring her friends and acquaintances. Thus, the fabrics used are entitled to a second life.

Throughout all the exits, the cell was soloed as a baseline, as if painted with children's felt-tip pens. She spread her influence on camisoli dresses, long sleeves and velor home pants.

Accessories played the most original game: tinsel on earrings and a bra instead of a bag.

H.A.R.D. by HSE Art & Design School

H.A.R.D. – This is a collective project of the students of the HSE School, a kind of creative laboratory, where the collective mind comes up with a collection, immersing the public in a new dimension. The collection presented on the podium is called Out in space and partially fulfills the dream of the mad doctor from the film "Back to the Future" Emmett Brown who wanted to see progress, including in clothes. Designers have sunk into the soul sneakers, fastened by themselves and a bomber, adapting to the size of its owner. They have developed a whole range of clothes for different occasions that can happen on another planet.

The show opened a reflective down jacket paired with white nylon pantyhose, which resurrects the ideas of the French designer Andre Currezha who in the 60s became interested in the aesthetics of a space odyssey. For each stratum of the population, profession and hobby, a special uniform in a futuristic style was created. For party lovers, a mini-dress borrowed from stage images Grace Jones . The incorrigible sony made a sofa cushion suit and added it to a crescent bag. The bloggers also had their own dress code – this is a blown jacket with a marble ornament and high glacial boots, as well as a monochrome image in the color of chewing gum. Especially for people interested in fashion, the range has been expanded with a fur coat, decorated with squares with free cells for likes.

Since the cosmonauts are the space personnel, the designers have proposed various casual suits in space suits.

In the final, the designers made a prophecy and hinted that in the cosmic future, pants would give way to cycling in combination with a masculine jacket glittering with thousands of pixels, and square glasses with enlarged bows would protect us from star dust.


The collection MELANHOLY III – ETHNOGRAPHY II is a continuation of the two previous MELANHOLY I and II . The designer drew inspiration when studying Latvian ethnographic costumes, methods of making them, and features that are clearly read in the presented collection. The first on the podium appeared a coat of classic cut with sleeves bell, complemented by a tone-to-tone cylinder. And then femininity and elegance reigned. The main colors of the collection are white, gray, black. Sometimes rare red shades appeared – shoes or interior trim. The make-up of models was rather restrained: black lips, smooth skin – and this cost. It seems that the motto of this collection is “Beauty in simplicity”, the designer herself defines the main theme as “classic elegance”. Of the interesting things: long sleeves of shirts with wide cuffs, skirts with byte pleats with an interesting but restrained color scheme, raw edge found on some models of the collection, and, of course, music by Thomas Newton .

Irina Toneva

Natalya Podolskaya

Yulia Savicheva

Irina Ortman

Victoria Daineko

Leysan Utyasheva

Give me five! Designer of the future

Competition “Give me five! Designer of the Future " – part of the annual national television award " Give Five ". Within a few months, novice designers under the age of 17 sent more than 2,000 applications from across the country. Young talents created sketches of outfits in which Russian stars could shine on the carpet.

The Expert Council included the General Producer of the Prize “Give Five” Lina Arifulina President of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Alexander Shumsky [19459199] Alexander Shumsky [19459199] designer Igor Gulyaev TV presenter Svetlana Bondarchuk and stylist

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