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May 10, 2018




09 May 2018

Today, with his musical preferences I-GENCY.RU the tandem is divided TAKER & LEGOTANKO – a new, experimental project of two independent musicians from Moscow Andrei Tucker ] and by Oleg Kolesnikov under the name LEGOTANKO .

This is an experiment for both artists, which will go in different directions with a different message, where everyone can find something for themselves. The project, which is supposed to uncover the two musicians, reveal emotions that they did not express in their music before.

In the new project LEGOTANKO and Tucker experiments in a new style for himself and represent the debut track "Hello Spring" !

The clip of the month

Ring & Rem Digga – From the windows

The most annoying hit

MATRANG – Jellyfish

A song for every mood

Basta – I'm looking at the sky

The ideal song for the karaoke

5'nizza – Spring

Concert that was recently visited

Rem Digga

Top favorite tracks

Rem Digga – 1

Basta – I look at the sky

Sunsay – Depth

Assai – The Voice

Top favorite music videos

RUN-DMC – Walk This Way

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood

Coldplay – Up & Up

Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Love music and comment on the choice of our heroes!

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