Polina Askeri, Ekaterina Odintsova and other celebrity guests at the LAKBI show as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Russia | Events

April 3, 2019


April 02, 2019

Yesterday, during the Week fashion Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia fashion show "FALL / WINTER 199 2017] 2020 " of the international brand LAKBI. Traditionally, it is focused on creating an image of a modern stylish European resident. Its main motto is "a combination of style and comfort necessary for a resident of a megalopolis."

The collection combines fashion trends, a rich selection of textures and deep shades, stylistically being the quintessence of a daring sportswoman and elegant, cozy femininity. It includes 40 models of women's and men's clothing – casual, business, evening, top, clothes for sports and leisure. But in general, it represents an ideal wardrobe-designer, in which all things successfully combine with each other and form a huge number of sharply fashionable combinations.

The design team found inspiration in the silhouettes of the 70s and 80s. The main stylistic device at the time was diversity: afro and disco, ethno, classic and unisex, bright pure colors and their graphic combinations. LAKBI successfully reminds of the fashionable mood of that era and makes it possible to create topical different images, boldly declaring itself.

According to numerous star guests of the show, the obvious favorites will be models made of shimmering emerald and purple satin silk, dynamic fiery red and terracotta shades, delicate mohair, weightless chiffon. A bold animalic print and things of shiny patent leather were almost unanimously recorded in the must have of the coming autumn-winter season.

The show Lakbi in Central Exhibition Hall Manege was visited by: Anna Snatkina, Maria Shalaeva, Aya (city 312), Katerina Shpitsa, Julia Savicheva, Polina Ascheri, Yulia Baranov, Polina Aslaya, Yulia Baranov, Polina Asheri, Yulia Baranov, Polina Ascheri, Yulia Baranov, 312; Jugelia, Tatyana Kotova and many others.

Tatiana Kotova: “Everything is so stylish, modern and sophisticated. I really liked the coat of brick color. It resembles a sheepskin coat, but is made according to all eco-canons of faux fur. ”

Polina Askeri: “I vote for the image of a model in a jacket with a zebra print in combination with Cossack boots. I love it when you put on a thing, and it looks at you not foreign, but as an integral part of you. Therefore, I am impressed by the brand Lakbi. All trends were taken into account, even the red total look. ”

Anna Tikhomirova: “I love Lakbi for its versatility. Designers of the brand prove that trend things are suitable for absolutely everyone. In the collection I liked the combination of fabrics and colors. Everything is very concise, unobtrusive, but incredibly stylish. ”

Glafira Tarkhanova: “Universal things that fit perfectly into my wardrobe. In addition, today I saw my favorite stylistic techniques: belts over coats, silk dress-combinations. The color scheme is also one hundred percent mine. "

Svetlana Abramova: “I met the Lakbi brand some time ago and even then was very pleasantly surprised. All clothes are perfectly made of high-quality fabrics, they are practical, and the models are very modern. I am glad that Lakbi took part in Fashion Week, now everyone will know about him. I am sure that this clothing will perfectly fit into the life of the metropolis. ”

Natalya Zemtsova: “Things are cool, I’ve looked after a lot for myself. I noticed how the guests perked up when the girl in red came out onto the podium. We do not have enough bright colors in autumn and winter. ”

Ilya Bachurin: “I liked almost all men's bows, I wanted to try them on right away. Usually, everything is a little different, because fashion is something very complex and not at all close to reality. At Lakbi, everything is stylish and as close as possible to what we are used to wearing. ”

Larisa Verbitskaya: “Today my first and very memorable acquaintance with the Lakbi brand took place. Now I understand that it is now in the zone of my attention. The collection is vital, relevant, convenient. Designers managed to combine what is sometimes incompatible: comfort and fashion trends. ”

Anna Churina: “I took notes on several notes at once. Lakbi is the very smart casual that is incredibly close to me. ”

Maria Shalaeva

Aya (City 312)

Katerina Spitz

Yulia Savicheva

Julia Baranovskaya

Laura Jugelia

Liza Arzamasova

Evelina Bledans

Svetlana Masterkova

Ekaterina Odintsova

Anastasia Denisova

Olga Zaitseva

Antonina Klimenko and Ekaterina Drobysh

Kuzlov Snezhina

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