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July 12, 2019


July 10, 2019

We continue to acquaint you with the novelties of the publishing house of "Bombora" and today we want to talk on important and necessary topics. Let's start with ecology in general and plastic in particular, continue the long-awaited collections of difficult poems Rupi Kaur then discuss the medical topic and all of us familiar medicines and finish with a diary, which describes the terrible years of the Second World War. Sit back:

How to abandon plastic: a guide to saving the world
Will McCallum

Dedicated to everyone who struggles every day with the pollution of the planet with plastic. Let your strength never run out, and I hope this book will be useful to you.

Over the past three years Will McCallum the head of the program for the preservation of the oceans in Greenpeace Great Britain was one of the most active participants in the environmental movement against use of plastic. He regularly meets with government officials and various companies in order to engage them in environmental issues. McCallum leads the worldwide campaign of Greenpeace to create the world's largest protected area in the Southern Ocean .

Recently, he and his team spent a month in Antarctica in order to find out whether the plastic reached the farthest region of the planet. Will likes to run long distances and go to sea on a kayak, exploring the coast of England . He owes his love of nature and an active lifestyle to his grandparents, as well as the Dr. Dolittle series and David Attenborough's documentaries .

"Speaking of plastic, I mostly refer to disposable plastic: plastic bags, straws, coffee cups and packaging material. All these items are used once and then discarded, after which they are known to decompose for ages. I dwell on them, because they quietly entered our lives, our lives, and if we do not give up on them, we will not be able to improve the quality of our lives. And they, in my opinion, are the main problem of protecting nature from plastic The point is not that this mate Rial, being cheap, flexible and in many cases is vital when it comes to medical applications, is bad by its very nature.

Rather, the problem is that we have formed an unhealthy culture to throw out disposable objects – unhealthy for both society and the oceans. "

The Sun and Her Flowers. White verses from which flowers bloom
Rupi Kaur

The long-awaited second book by Rupi Kaur author of the best-selling book "Milk and Honey" translated into 39 languages ​​and sold with a circulation of 3 million copies.

"The Sun and Her Flowers" is a collection of blank poems about growth and healing, origin and respect for your roots, emigration and the ability to find a home within yourself. This is a recipe for life and a celebration of love in all its manifestations, a book that has already won the hearts of millions of readers around the world. Translations of poems are published with original texts in English and unique author illustrations.

you gave me
you gave me

now wilting in their vase




i popped their heads off

and ate them

I reached for the last bouquet
presented by you.

flowers in a vase faded



to others.

I tore off their heads

and ate.

“Over the counter. Medicines without which we cannot live ”

Edited by V. Dorofeev

This is a book about what treasures from a grandmother's first-aid kit can save our lives, and which are no longer working. Dozens of stories from the history of domestic pharmaceuticals: how Vishnevsky's ointment influenced the outcome of World War II, the dye for fabric turned into an antiseptic, and a drug called “blue blood” helped save the five-year-old girl from amputation of her legs.

Once a student Alena Zhukova fainted. The reason for this – the summer heat, exhaustion during the session, stuffy transport. A good ambulance doctor advised me to keep validol packaging in my purse. Since then Alain has not parted with a saving vial. She matured, began working as a journalist and was surprised to learn that validol is a drug with unproven efficacy.

The book “Dispensed without a prescription” was written under the editorship of the well-known journalist of the newspaper Kommersant Vladislav Dorofeev nominee, 39. " and The Illuminator . Under his leadership Alena Zhukova and other authors are conducting a real journalistic investigation: how did it happen that up to 40% of popular drugs were left without an evidence base? Activated charcoal and aspirin are in every first aid kit. For decades they saved people from ailments, but official medicine cannot confirm their effectiveness.

After reading the book, you will understand what legendary medicines still need to be kept at hand, and which have already lost their relevance. In addition, you will learn:

  • what a popular antiseptic was created for astronauts, and now there is almost every home
  • why activated carbon helps to reduce weight, but nutritionists do not take it into service
  • what kind of vaccine did doctors test on themselves before putting it into mass production
  • why the famous telecounter Yevgeny Komarovsky calls placebo oxolinic ointment, and is he right
  • what medicine from the modern first-aid kit was used in China in the III century BC

“Over the counter” is not an ordinary reference book of medicines, but a fascinating story about the struggle for the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. Its authenticity is confirmed by experts: eminent doctors and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry who participated in the creation of the book.
From the stories about the legendary preparations of the Soviet first-aid kit, there is a story of 100 years of development of domestic pharmaceuticals.

Vladislav Dorofeev and other authors recall that Russia has something to be proud of: we received the first penicillin drug; created unique vaccines that protect the whole world from diseases; invented unique wax dressings for the treatment of burns and wounds. The creators of the book are confident that the Russian pharmaceutical industry has not only a great history, but also a great future. And the book “Dispensed without a prescription” will help to understand the abundance of drugs and commercial names in the growing pharmaceutical market.

I hid Anne Frank. The story of a woman who tried to save the Frank family from the Nazis
Mip Guise, Alison Leslie Gold

This book is a side view of the events that Anne Frank described in her famous diary, which touched the hearts of millions of readers. For more than two years Mip Guise and her husband helped the family Frank to hide from the Nazis.

Like thousands of unsung Holocaust heroes, they risked their lives to provide victims with food, news, and emotional support every day. It was Mip Guise who found and kept Anna's red notebook and handed it to her father, Otto Frank, after the war. She remembers her life with ingenuous honesty and terrible clarity. Each page bears an echo of courage and heartbreaking beauty.

We also recommend you to read the book "In the Dark" and "Nobody Knows", which vividly illustrate the genre young adults .

“The people from Omnia did not come. The police did not look for Karel van der Hart, and we decided that he could return to our apartment. When we came to visit Mrs. Samson in Hilversham, it turned out that Karel is at home. He’s I asked if he could come to Amsterdam. We replied that we were ready to accept him, and he could continue to hide with us at Hunzestraat.

Returning to Amsterdam, we discussed whether Karela would really be safe with us. There was no answer to this question. Every day, those who were hiding were arrested. Raids and betrayals have become commonplace. For denunciations of Jews and hiding pay more. Soon Karel returned to Amsterdam and settled again with us. We returned to the old: playing chess with himself and dinner for three.

Once after Easter, Henk and I were at home. It was a holiday, and we did not want to get out of a warm bed. But rather early in the morning the doorbell rang.

I ran to open. Mr. Koopheis came, he was very excited. Otto Frank called him from the office. The situation became very dangerous.

Henk and I rushed to Prinsengracht. Everything was turned upside down. Someone had a huge hole in the door. Everything was scattered. I rushed to the bookcase, whistled to be opened, and went upstairs. Hank followed me. Is everything good with them? My heart was pounding. "

Love books and read with pleasure!

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