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January 31, 2019


January 30, 2019

Nothing makes reading more than long winter evenings – today we are talking about 5 books of the publishing house EKSMO which made the most positive impression on us:

Gerda Saunders "The Last Sigh of Memory"

Gerda Saunders a teacher, writer and researcher of gender issues, has been engaged in academic science for many years. She became ill with dementia – a neurologist told her about her 61st birthday that she confirmed suspicions Gerda . Saunders quit her job and now spends time with her family, often in the collections of the most stylish older people. Her book is a diary of a man with a sharp mind and a rich life, gradually losing memory.

Gerda Saunders

In the winter of 2013 The Georgia Review published an essay Saunders about the effect of the disease on her personality "I will tell about myself before I forgot: my dementia" . The essay was reprinted in other publications, including the online magazine Slate. The autobiography of Gerda which received the name "Last breath of memory" grew out of it. It was published in USA in the summer of 2017 and was declared the best non-fiction book of the year. The history of the transformation of South Africa's apartheid times into a teacher at an American university, and then into a person gradually losing his ego, is intertwined with excursions into brain physiology and principles of memory, philosophical reasoning about living with ailment, identity and cultural differences. With amazing style and grace Gerda Saunders tells how to live further, overcoming the all-pervading fear of losing yourself, and gives hope for the dignity of all who have recently learned about their illness or their relatives. This is not the first literary experience of Gerda: in addition to scientific works, in 2002 she published a collection of stories about which the Nobel laureate J.M. Kutzee said: “With cold intellect, With a concise wit and deep feeling, Saunders explores the moral chaos of South Africa and the pain of a new generation of exiles ”.

Herve Bazin " Marital life "

A unique opportunity to look at marriage through the eyes of a man in a novel from a classic of French literature that has not been published in Russia for 15 years! Women are often called men insensitive, untenable, infantile and blamed for failures in family life. So Mariette the wife of the protagonist, constantly reproaches her husband. Is it all so clear: women are mere angels, and men only ruin their lives? Herve Bazin offers to look at marriage with men's eyes. This novel, which has already become a classic, has turned many women's ideas about marital relations. Who knows, maybe he will change yours?

Herve Bazin

Interesting facts about the author:

  • . As a child, Bazin had a difficult relationship with his parents, especially his mother, because of conflicts with which he ran away several times from his family until 20 years did not leave home completely.
  • In parallel with studying at Sorbonne Bazin had to take on any job in order to somehow make a living. During this time, he managed to work as a carpenter, plumber and scavenger.
  • In his essay "Plumons l'Oiseau" 1966 Bazin proposed the use of 6 new punctuation marks – an ironic sign, a doubt sign, a sign confidence, a sign of consent, a sign of authority and a sign of love. In a sense, these signs can be called the forerunners of modern emoticons.
  • After the war Bazin bought the castle under Paris for little money, because the building was badly damaged after the bombings. The writer himself restored the castle, built walls, stairs, repaired the rooms, installed a fireplace, set up a garden and plowed a garden, making this place very comfortable for living.

Interesting facts about the book:

  • Bazin admitted that while working on the novel he studied catalogs of women's and children's clothing stores, women's magazines and advertising brochures to better penetrate psychology Marietta .
  • The novel takes place in the city Angers .
  • Herve Bazin was born and died in this city, from which he ran away from his family, but which he always loved as his only homeland.
  • Bazin analyzing his own work, broke it into several periods. The novel "Marital life" refers to the second period, which the writer called "Opus 2, or the period of sorting and selection" . In turn, the first ne creativity period Bazin called the “scream period.”

Zulfu Livaneli "The Story of My Brother"

For the first time in Russian, the most popular Turkish writer in the world is translated by Apollinaria Avrutina the winner of the award "Yasnaya Polyana" . "The story of my brother" was included in the list of the most anticipated books of the year according to the magazine Forbs ! The novel has been translated into 37 languages ​​and is currently being screened.

"In a quiet fishing village, a woman was killed – this is how it all began. A young journalist is investigating a crime that leads her to a mysterious man, a real recluse. The house of the man is packed with bookcases, and the books are collected by topic: he has a room of Love, War, Passion, Revenge … And there is a secret story that he decided to open to a curious journalist. You ask, what’s the murder of a woman in a quiet fishing village? To get an answer, you need to hear the story to the end. etal matters and fiction intertwined with reality to confuse and defeat. "

Zulfu Livaneli

Atmospheric works Livaneli combine word accuracy, lyricism of music, depth of drama, brightness of cinema. That is why the writer's novels scatter in millions of copies and they are so often screened.

“The Story of My Brother” begins as a detective story and turns around “1001 at night” whose tales are lured, arousing burning curiosity. Livaneli uses forbidden tricks: interferes with the truth with fiction, confuses the reader, gives false hints. “What happened next?” – the heroine of the novel asks all the time, the same question makes the reader eagerly turn the pages. Fear and pity, impatience and disgust, surprise and reconciliation are just some of the feelings that await a patient listener.

This is a destructive tragedy about a stolen love and a stolen life, about salvation, to which a person aspires, but which is not always possible.

Livaneli from childhood was brought up on the best works of Russian classical literature, echoes of which are heard in his novels. The writer is in love with Russia arrives here every year. In the summer of 2018 in St. Petersburg a long-awaited Russian-Turkish cultural center opens, the president of which will be Zulfu Livaneli .

Zedi Smith "About Beauty"

“On Beauty” – this is the name of the second book of the famous English charming writer who published in the publishing house Eksmo . In 2005 “On Beauty” entered the short-list Booker and a year later won two literary awards at once.

"Two opposing clans – Kips and Belsy – accidentally find themselves neighbors in one of the districts of Boston. Families clash in political and personal fights against the background of internecine wars in the department of the liberal college, where the heads of both clans work. After the fathers in the conflict will involve the children, and it turns out that even the feelings have an ideological connotation. "

In addition, the Eksmo publishing house is experimenting with book trailers, moving from classical forms to drawing ones and even making a movie about books:

Interesting facts about the book:

  • Novel "About beauty" represents a homage classic novel Edward Morgan Forster "Govards-end" intentionally repeating some of his plot moves. According to the writer, all her works are to some extent or other obliged to the work of Forster, therefore in “On Beauty” she wanted to return his debt – “with gratitude and reverence”.
  • In addition to the permanent parallels with the text Forster novel Smith there is a huge amount of cultural quotations and references from by Shakespeare and Chesterton to by Tupac Shakur [191496] by Tupac Shakur [191496] .
  • The book takes place on the fictional campus Wellington near Boston .
  • Zadi Smith placed herself in one of the scenes of the novel. This is an episodic heroine, which is described as "the meaningless creator of a story about coming and going." The heroine attends Wellington as well as Smith attended classes in Harvard .
  • The novel has a dedication – to “Dear Laird” . Nick Laird is the husband of Zadi Smith since 2004, a Northern Irish writer and poet, as well as the first and main reader of his wife’s works. In the novel “About Beauty” the writer quotes a line from one of his poems, but the characters themselves do not remember who wrote it.
  • The two heroes of the novel are professors Monty Keeps and Howard Belsey – are studying art [1994)Thefirstonehasalreadywrittenamulti-pageworkdetailingandthoroughlyanalyzingtheDutchman’spaintingsandthesecondoneiswritingabook“againstRembrandt”inwhichheintendstodebunkhispaintingsfrompostmodernistpositions
  • Roman opens with emails Jerome Belsey to his father Howard . They are graphically reproduced "emoticons", which the son uses, asking his father ironic questions about his book.

Interesting Facts About Zadie Smith

  • Both of the younger brothers of the writer are rappers, known under the pseudonyms Doc Brown and Luc Skyz [19519007] and Luc Skyz [19511007] and and and
      Luc Skyz and

        In addition, Zadi herself is a big fan of this musical genre and knows by heart more verses of rap tracks than stanzas of classical poems.
      • Smith – graduated from Cambridge where she studied English literature. Studying at the university, Smith earned herself as a jazz singer and wanted to become a journalist.
      • The main love of his life Zedi Smith calls English.
      • Among the most recently read books, the greatest impression on Zedi Smith produced the novel by George Saunders [] [] [] [] []] and []] [] []] []] []] []] []] ] []] []]
      • ] [] . She said that this novel “takes the reader to places where he could never get to in another way.”
      • Zadi Smith is a big opponent of social networks, smartphones and other modern communications because they distract her from work and real life, making her addicted. The writer uses an old-fashioned push-button telephone, does not have social network accounts, and has set up Internet blocking on her own computer.
      • Zadi Smith is very popular in England . In 2004, as a result of voting on the BBC she entered the list of the 20 most influential people in British culture.

      Eunice Teymurhanly “Do not disturb. Notes hotelier "

      “Seeing everything and turning a blind eye to everything. Hear everything and forget what they heard. Know more than others and keep quiet about it ” – that was the motto of Caesar Ritz the legendary . But it is the "looking-glass" of hotel life, like a magnet, that attracts the curious eyes of the public. Eunis Teymurkhanly the owner and general manager of the St. Petersburg hotel Helvetia managed to talk about comic and dramatic situations from the life of his hotel, so as not to violate privacy its inhabitants. These funny, touching and heartfelt stories of few people can leave indifferent. Book “Do not disturb. Notes hotelier " published by the publishing house " Eksmo ".

      "The guests are very fond of attention to themselves. And quite rightly they demand it from hotel managers. But there is a rare category of suspicious guests who are sure: the hotel staff follow them with the help of video cameras and listening devices not only in the room itself, but also in Eunis Teymurkhanly hurries to disappoint both themselves and those who love surveillance: hotels do not watch their guests not only to maintain their own reputation at the proper level, but also simply because it is unprofitable. Too expensive, inefficient and senselessly. "Hotels keep secrets both by law and by their purpose. The hotel is a temporary home. And a home is first and foremost a fortress. A guest trusts his property, personal data, personal life details. That is, in fact, the very yourself. "

      But no matter how hard the staff of the “hospitality industry” try to turn a blind eye to some of the peculiarities of the guests, this is not always the case. And besides, excessive gullibility can be simply dangerous: too many inventive lovers of a beautiful life “for free” have appeared. And here their ingenious schemes – bank card frauds, ingenious attempts to “hang” their own expenses on another person – Eunis Teymurkhanly will be revealed without any regret. As well as the history of those who do not respect the work of hotel managers, because “having crossed a certain line, the guests cease to be guests and become outsiders. And for outsiders, as you know, the entrance is closed. "

      Eunice Teymurhanly

      But the author speaks about his regular guests, not for the first time or for the second time, who have already become almost relatives, almost as friends: with awe and excitement telling their involuntary adventures. Too curious readers, however, will have to be content with the uncomplicated or confusing plots of these stories, to empathize with the disturbances and joys of the characters, but the public will not recognize their names. What happened at the hotel, stays at the hotel.

      Eunice Teymurkhanly was born in 1972 in Baku . He graduated from the Faculty of Oriental St. Petersburg State University then in the same university received an economic education. Hotelkeeper, owner and general manager of the hotel Helvetia in St. Petersburg. Publicist, a leading blog on the portal "Snob" and on the website of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" .

      Enjoy literature and read with pleasure!

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