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November 5, 2018


September 25, 2018

Holidays are a great time for rest, and we especially recommend that you take a short pause, stay in the circle of loved ones and, of course, be sure to find time to read. We, in turn, prepared for you 6 literary novelties of the publishing house of EKSMO from which you will not want to break away:

Douglas Richars The Quantum Mirror

Douglas Richards is a cult American writer, one of the key figures in science fiction literature and technotriller, which he raised to a new level. His books “The Creator of God” and “The Murderer of God” became the absolute bestsellers of the New York Times and USA Today . The first novel in the series about Nick Holle became a best-seller Amazon Kindle. Douglas Richards regularly participates in numerous television shows, was a special guest at Comic-Con International in San Diego together with by Stan Lee and by Ray Bradbury . He also writes articles for National Geographic Kids and the broadcasts for BBC .

“The Quantum Mirror” is a brilliant cybertriller based on real-world research, which raises a number of intriguing possibilities of consciousness that, it is possible, is about to be mastered by humanity.

Omar Haddad is a brutal Syrian terrorist, seemingly invulnerable and possessing supernatural power. But what is behind this – the divine origin, as he argues, a successful legend or skillfully used scientific discovery? And if he is the very angel of the Apocalypse, then what keeps him from destroying the world?

It seems that the answers should be in Brennan Kraft the geniuses of quantum physics, and the US military are beginning to hunt for it. But very soon it turns out that Kraft is playing his game, and perhaps no less dangerous than Haddad …

Macbeth of Shakespeare through the eyes of Nesbe

Our next author does not need a special presentation, because Yu Nesbe is a Norwegian writer and musician, a former economist and journalist, winner of several literary awards has long gained fame and fans far beyond the borders of his native Oslo . Nesbyo is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre . The fame he brought detective novels about the inspector Harry Hole . He is also the author of children's books about Doctor Proctor .

In a city in which it rains all the time, two criminal gangs are in charge. The head of the police Douglas is a threat to drug traffickers and hope for the rest of the population. One of the criminal leaders, Hecate wanting to remain in the shadows, plans to get rid of Duncan . For his plans, the cunning criminal plans to use Macbeth – a police inspector who is prone to attacks of aggression and is easy to manage. And where there is a plot, there will be blood.

"He is the best policeman in the service of an industrial dark city who is divided between two criminal groups. After the operation to detain a gang of bikers, Macbeth is promoted to head of the department.

He is an unbalanced person with a troubled past. All he dreamed about was power, money, fame — now they come to him.

Will he just stop there? Especially when he is plagued by hallucinations and paranoia? "

.Jessica Fellows "The Mitford murders. Mysterious murders "

The publishing house "Eksmo" presents a mystery novel by best-selling author "The New York Times" about the cult TV series Downton Abbey.

Jessica Fellowes – British secular journalist, author and public speaker, best-selling author The New York Times on the cult series "Downton Abbey" and niece of its creator. Baron Julian Fellows is a screenwriter for more than twenty famous films and TV shows, many of which take place in the turning 1920s in aristocratic circles of England .

After the overwhelming success of the series about “Downton Abbey” which described in detail the entire socio-historical background of the series, as well as the actual prototypes of characters from different generations of her own family, Jessica Fellouz turned into a real popularizer of the English history of the twentieth century. It is impossible to get tickets to her public lectures even for half a year, and the shows, dreaming of repeating the success of the cult series, invite Felouze to cooperate.

The Sisters Mitford are real women: Nancy, Pamela, Unity, Jessica, Deborah [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] [1945900] The aristocrat of the old English kind – and, if they had lived a couple of decades earlier, their destinies would have been predetermined at birth. But their youth fell on the roaring 20s, an amazing time between the two world wars, when the foundations collapsed, and skirts and hair rapidly shortened. And because their lives were amazing and unpredictable.

Angelique Barbera " Our destinies are interlaced "

Angelique Barber is a French novelist, one of the most successful in Europe . This is high-quality female prose, which even the harsh journalists from Le Figaro Magazine and Livres Hebdo spoke with delight. For all those who are close to the atmosphere of the French festival cinema and who are fond of outstanding novels Agnèès Martin-Lyugan, Janusz Leon Vishnevsky, Muriel Barberi.

The novels Angelique Barbera are similar to French cinema: these are subtle, emotional pieces that capture from the front pages. Colorful heroes, a great plot and authentic, not a book passion – this is what the author's prose is famous for.

With Korin an unhappy marriage, from which she would have happily freed herself if it were not for the fear of her tyrant husband. But happiness comes with pain. Her son enters the hospital through the fault of a famous composer and rock musician Kyle who, having learned about the problems Corin decides to help her, in order to somehow make amends. Kyle knows exactly how to get rid of her husband. In addition, he quickly, too quickly, falls in love with Korin

What does it mean – beautiful love? Does it happen in life or only in movies and books? And what is special about her, what distinguishes her from an ordinary affair? Between Korin and Kyle did not add up to either. And even more, nothing like this was between her and her husband Jack . But their fate intertwined, and to cut this knot will not be so easy. The relations Korin and of Jack are doomed. But what will the intervention of of Kyle turn out for her?

Lars Mitting "Sixteen Somme Trees"

The publishing house "GrandMaster" presents the first artistic novel from the winner of the Prize of the Publishers Association of Great Britain and the author of the acclaimed non-fiction bestseller on how to chop firewood.

Norwegian journalist Lars Mitting suddenly woke up with a new star after the publication of his book “The Norwegian Forest. The Scandinavian Way to Strength and Freedom ” – applied non-fiction about how to chop wood and make a fire, published first in a modest circulation of 2 thousand copies, and later recognized by the Publishers Association the best work of the year. To date, over 2 million copies of the Norwegian Forest have been sold, the book has been translated into 10 languages ​​and has become a real event all over the world and is an absolute bestseller in of Russia as well as one of the most successful non-artistic books of Scandinavia .

“Sixteen Somme Trees” is the debut feature novel by Lars Mitting but the trees so beloved by the author also play an important role.

“Sixteen Somme Trees” can be called a romantic historical thriller, but first of all it is a book about finding oneself, about ancestral connection, which is designed to give answers to the eternal questions of being. This novel is a journey, and not only in a geographical sense, but also a journey into oneself, into history, into the depths of one’s own morality and responsibility. This is an amazing story about love, family and memory, which covers a whole century.

Jacques Expert "Hortensia"

Jacques Eksper is a popular French writer, former journalist France Inter and France Info specializing in crime. The action of the novel "Hortensia" is based on real events, besides, the product has received thousands of copies sold and world renown. According to the author's four novels, film screenings are being prepared, because Jacques Expert was always interested not in a crime, but in the darkness that exists in every person, because of which anyone can become a criminal, this is what he discovers in every novel.

This time Jacques Eksper took as a basis the real story from a news release and turned it into an exciting thriller. As a result, thousands of copies sold, world renown and completely dumbfounded readers.

Once, her ex-lover broke into Sophia apartment stole their common daughter Hortensia and disappeared. The police tried to get on the trail of the kidnapper, but the man and the child seemed to evaporate, and the mother’s life was destroyed. Many years later Sofia collided at a crossroads with a girl and immediately realized that it was she, her missing daughter. Maternal heart can not lie. Sofia meets a girl and is becoming more and more convinced that she was right. But not all puzzles in this story are added. Sophia cannot understand in any way how this bastard could crank up such an adventure – did any of her relatives help him?

Read with pleasure!

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